Thursday, October 7, 2010

Swiss Top Secret Drum Corps

A precision marching drumline with amazingly synchronized moves, the Swiss Top Secret Drumline from Basel are truly amazing!

This video is from YouTube user Gelkoid and was uploaded in 2007 from their 2006 Edinburgh Tattoo performance. Since that time there have been many more performances but this video is one of my favourites as there is clear sound and no commentary.
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Here is a link to a website which has the many Swiss Top Secret Drumline videos.

Enjoy :)


  1. Holiday Comp. Single Stroke Roll:131 beats per min
    Parradiddle Comp. Single Paradiddle: 140 beats
    Cheers; Love the site

  2. Thanks for your comment Josh - I am looking forward to seeing you play your single-stroke roll and single paradiddle at those amazing tempos :)

  3. I love these drummers, always a highlight of the Edinburgh Tattoo when they are on :D