Monday, October 4, 2010

Jamie Castrisos

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Jamie Castrisos is a Sydney percussionist who has performed all over the world with professional musical productions, some of the finest musicians and bands.

After studying at North Sydney Boys HS and the NSW Conservatorium of Music, Jamie was accepted into the RAAF Band before leaving to pursue his solo career.
Listed below are the answers to set questions I gave Jamie.
His career and playing are an inspiration - enjoy :)

Jamie performing at The Basement

What age did you start playing drums?

Age 9 - I was in Year 4 at Belrose Public School

Did you learn any other instruments?

I learned piano for a few years and actually took up the trumpet first for two weeks, but had to get an orthodontic plate so changed to drums!!! A wise move!!

Who are your influences?

Wow, so many. All my teachers (who are listed below).

Jamie playing on a DW drum kit

Here are just a few of my playing influences:

Philly Joe Jones, Buddy Rich, Bernard Purdie, Tony Williams, John Blackwell, Aaron Spears, Gerald Heyward, Carl Allen, Joe Farnsworth, Matt Cameron,

Jimmy Cobb, Bill Stewart, Roy Spanky McCurdy, Art Blakey, Jeff Ballard, Brian Blade, Ben Perowsky, Jeff Porcaro, Roy Haynes, Danny Carey, Al Foster, Eric Harland, Kendrick Scott, Clarence Penn, Steve Jordan - too many to mention, and they're just the drummers!!!

Australian Drummers: Hamish Stuart, Andrew Dickeson, Gordon Rytmeister, Tim Firth, Felix Bloxsom, Evan Mannell, Michael Iveson.

My teachers were: Andrew Dickeson, Milan Troha, Graham Hilgendorf, Don Osborne, Daryl Pratt, Rick Miller.

Do you have a favourite brand of drums/cymbals/sticks/accessories?

DW Drums (above and beyond anything else in my humble opinion!)

Zildjian cymbals or Istanbul cymbals

Vic Firth Sticks

LP percussion

DW Hardware and pedals

SKB Cases

Protection racket Bags

TreeWorks Chimes

Grover or Black swamp orchestral percussion

Malletech or Inaki Sebastian mallets

Jamie with his set-up for the Sydney season of Wicked

What advice do you have for anyone wanting to make drumming their career?

Be prepared to listen alot! Practice, especially with others. Make music, not technique! Technique is essential but when it comes to making music it should come from what you're hearing not from what technical exercises you've been doing! Most importantly, enjoy what you're doing otherwise there's not much point! Also make sure you have good reading skills!

What are your career highs?

James Morrison sextet, Dan Barnett Big Band (SWINGS!!!,) RAAF Big Band (played with Doug Parkinson, Grace Knight, Glenn Shorrock, The McClymonts), Sydney season of Wicked. Musical Director and drummer for the Australian tour of Candy Man. Lion King in Singapore 2011!!!

What was your worst experience as a drummer?

Forgetting my cymbals on a gig!!! John Morrison came to the rescue!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

My other influences and inspirations are the musicians I work with on a day to day basis. I feel very lucky to work with such talented and generous people.

Do you have a website?

I'm in the process of building my website.

However, my profile and original songs can be found on MySpace:

Thank you Jamie and all the best for the 2011 Lion King production in Singapore!!!

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