Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Feast of Indian Drumming!!!

The 2010 New Delhi Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony
was a feast of Indian Drumming and a superb display of how
9,000 performers can work synchronously.

Look out for the 7-year-old Tabla prodigy at about the
8:00 minute mark.

Congratulations India - magnificent!!!


  1. As I recall there was some pretty awesome drumming at the Chinese Olympic ceremonies too.

  2. @mmojoy
    You are absolutely correct - and I remember thinking that the Chinese Olympic Opening Ceremony was so perfect that it could never be replicated again. Totally amazing!
    The countdown at the start was aided by drums that lit up when they were played...I think!
    I really enjoy Opening ceremonies of global games as I think they encapsulate the spirit of that nation.
    The Indian Opening Ceremony, despite being a bit controversial (reporters, readiness etc) showed a liveliness that may have been missing in the Chinese precision.
    Thanks so much for your comment :)