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Trinity Guildhall offers internationally accredited examinations 
in a wide range of musical instruments.

Their Percussion and Drum Kit Examinations incorporate contemporary works
by renowned composers, set within a graded syllabus system. These musical 
pieces and studies feature techniques specific to the instruments studied, 

The NSW Trinity Guildhall Representative is Barry Walmsley
Barry Walmsley is the contact for inquiries regarding examinations. 
Examination entry forms can also be retrieved from the above link.

Here are some videos which feature Trinity Guildhall Examination pieces:

Toe Tapper Grade 1 Drum Kit 
(old syllabus ending 2010)

Full 'O Fills Grade 2 Drum Kit
(old syllabus ending 2010)

Funk One Grade 3 Drum Kit
(old syllabus ending 2010)

Tango Grade 4 Xylophone

Rudimental Study 1 Grade 4
(old syllabus ending 2010)

Rudimental Study No. 1 Grade 5
(old syllabus ending 2010)

Mbira Song Grade 6
Orchestral percussion

Raindance Grade 7
Orchestral percussion

Flight of the Bumble Bee Grade 8
Orchestral percussion

Yellow After The Rain Grade 8
Orchestral Percussion

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