Friday, September 10, 2010

WFD - World's Fastest Drummer!!!

So you want to be the world's fastest drummer? What do you need to do?
Playing a single-stroke roll fast with either sticks or foot pedals, is an actual sport called "extreme sport drumming".
Mike Mangini holds the record for being the world's fastest professional drummer but anyone can win the WFD competition. Rhythm Knowledge Online is Mangini's own line of publications to show how anyone can develop good technique and fast 'chops'.

There are competitions to find the "world's fastest drummer" that are held around the world and organized by "extreme sport drumming". In fact, there is even an arcade game that was invented as a result of this competition, where you can test your skills to see if you can beat the world champion.

The Mike Mangini Signature Series: Pearl Drums

If you are really keen, follow the steps which speed drummer Steve Dow has posted on his website. These exercises are very detailed and require only basic experience. Dow claims that these steps have helped him increase both his stamina and speed. In fact, Dow won a few regional competitions leading up to the main world's fastest drummer competitions - with no prior experience! He basically only entered the first competition for fun and didn't think he would win.

One of the most important things Steve Dow recommends is to stretch and warm-up before doing any strenuous drumming exercises so that your muscles don't get injured or fatigued.

Here is a great video which shows that age does not matter. Anyone can be the world's fastest drummer. Have fun doing the exercises - let me know if you get anywhere near 900 bpm :)


  1. That drum kit is pretty crazy! How would you be able to find your way around? Must take some skill!

  2. Thanks for your comment Tim - they truly are an inspiring lot!

    The most amazing thing is that those who are talented on a drum kit can instantly play along with any style of music, showing a 'natural' feel for where to accentuate the melody, just keep time in the background, or shine through with a brilliant and jaw-dropping solo...I am constantly inspired by them!

    Thanks again :)

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  4. Thanks for speaking so kindly about my experience with speed drumming!

    Kind regards - Steve Dow

  5. Thank you for your kind words regarding my thoughts on speed drumming. I will be revamping my site in Dec 2011. You can find me currently on FB at

    Kindest regards - Steve Dow