Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Holiday Video No. 2 Paradiddle-diddle Fills!!!

Here's a cool video by a guy called Mike.
It shows you how to use paradiddle-diddle's as drum fills.
Have fun :)


  1. The paradiddle is a 4 note sticking pattern consisting
    of 2 alternating notes followed by a diddle. The basic
    pattern is RLRR LRLL, where the pattern itself always
    alternates; i.e. the first paradiddle starts with one
    hand, the second starts with the other, etc.

    paradiddle book
    paradiddle exercises


  2. The headlight thing is a "padiddle". A paradiddle is a drumming
    technique you can use to build up your speed & agility with the
    sticks. Start with the left hand and alternate with each syllable
    like this, L-R-L-L ("par-a-di-dle") and then you'll notice that
    when you start over, you'll start with the right hand: R-L-R-R
    ("par-a-di-dle") Keep alternating, starting slowly & building up
    your speed. If you goof, slow down & build back up.

    paradiddle book
    paradiddle exercises

    1. Thank you for your comments Sun light - much appreciated :)