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Although I started playing music at the age of 5 and have been teaching percussion since 1989, I believe that the area of percussion is so vast that I am still learning today. In my travels across the Internet I have found many great sites for drummers and hand percussionists but realized that the area of concert band and orchestral percussion is not represented very well.

My students, who range in age from 4 years old (Christian, in the photo above) to 40+, learn a variety of styles and rudimental techniques that span a vast percussion instrument range.
The ensemble music my students bring to their lessons in addition to exam pieces and other works which I give them to extend their repertoire, combine together and represent a third of their knowledge base. Rudiments, timing, techniques, reading and aural skills represent another third. Creativity and improvisation are explored at the end of a lesson as long as they are on track with the essentials. At each age range, there are varying levels of ability so lessons need to be tailored with regard to individual skill level and attention span.

Orchestral percussion and drum kit are the main areas of focus in my students lessons. However I continually tell my students that if I don't show them how to play as many instruments as I can source, then they are not getting their money's worth!

Despite the classical training my students learn as a foundation, I believe that the most exciting learning comes from experimenting. When my students explore the different ways that rhythms can be produced to create a solo or be woven seamlessly through a piece of melodic music, they are taking the first steps toward forming their own unique style and learning how to improvise.

My hope is that the information on this site will inspire your love of playing percussion, enhance your musical knowledge, repertoire, and help you to find your own unique "Percussive Sweet Spot".

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